What are V4 doing for the environment?

As a leading brand of hardwood flooring within the UK, V4 Woodflooring are committed to the environment and always looking for new ways to lessen the impact the flooring industry has on the environment.

What are V4 doing for the environment


It is a common misconception that hardwood flooring is a cause of deforestation. V4 hardwood is only sourced from well managed and sustainable purpose farmed forests. This means that only mature trees are selected for harvest. And for each one of these trees felled several more fast growing saplings are planted for the next generation.

Wood flooring is a choice for life

Unlike deforestation where the trees are burnt and the harmful carbon emissions let into the atmosphere, the trees harvested for wood flooring are processed and installed into homes therefore the carbon absorbed by the tree never escapes into the atmosphere. Once installed unlike many other products on the market there should not be any necessity to change or renew. Wood flooring can be kept clean easily, and well maintained it will last a life time. Instead of being replaced a worn floor can be eventually refinished and rejuvenated. Wood replaces carbon hungry alternatives like plastic, metal ceramics and concretes, which require a large amount of energy during production. The production of wood is highly energy efficient, giving wood products a lower carbon footprint.


V4 has also introduced new simplyfied packaging, cutting down on printing resources and using recycled un-bleached card which which in turn is easily recyclable

FSC® and PEFC® Certified

V4 is proud to be FSC® and PEFC® certified. All V4 Wood Flooring products are produced in FSC® certified factories and comply fully with the European Timber Regulations. Look out for the logos on certified products.

Further to this we are fully certified to import and stock FSC® and PEFC® wood so look out for the logos on certified products.